The Global Daily Delivery Network

  • Communicate EXCLUSIVELY via e-mail addresses “[email protected]” (always a business name) ;

  • Main activity is the transport of parcels, in the absence of any other service which may entail payment; communicate via our online support only

Global Daily Delivery Network Does Not:

  • Will not publish offers (employment contracts, mandates, insurance, operational services …) via Internet platforms such as “craigslist”;
  • Will not provide you with a work contract to receive parcels at your home for re-shipment purposes;
  • CHECK (online support) about any online payment or request payment by Transcash ticket or similar prepaid card to be delivered before or at the time of delivery before proceeding ;
  • Will not ask you to call back a number starting with 09; has no link with the company TRANSEXPRESSWAY or DELIVERY EXPRESS US;
  • Will not send you emails from an address such as “[email protected]” or “[email protected]” or “[email protected]” (see our methods of communication above).